Are You Struggling to Back a Semi Truck and Trailer?

Learn How to Nail Every Backing Maneuver!

Using American Truck Simulator as a reference, learn to back a semi truck and trailer. Also, watch and learn from my real life backing videos as well!

Learn from a Professional Truck Driver!

Learn the best techniques from an actual truck driver for doing 90s, 45s, offset backs, parallel parking and even blindside 90s and 45s. NEVER fear backing again!

Straight Back

straight back

The easiest backing maneuver there is, straight backing.

Offset Back

offset back

Offset backs are not used much, but when they are needed, know how to get the job done.

Parallel Park


Parallel parking a semi truck isn’t easy. Learn the best technique to make it easier.

45 Degree Back

45 back

Many truck stops have 45 degree angled parking spaces. Learn the best setup to make it in as easily as possible.

Blindside 45 Degree Back

bs 45 back

Blindside 45 degree backs are also common at truck stops. Learn the safest setup and technique to get into the spot in one piece.

Blindside 90 Degree Back

bs 90 back

Never attempt to blindside 90. If you HAVE to, learn what you need to do to safely do it.

*90 Degree Back

90 back

The most common back you will do almost EVERY SINGLE DAY! I will teach you the absolute best techniques to get your trailer into the tightest spots you can imagine.

*The best video you will ever need to absolutely nail any 90 degree back at truck stops and shippers/receivers with different techniques depending on where your tandems are and how much head room you have.

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All Backing Guides


Receive immediate access to all 7 backing guides (around 90 minutes of videos) showing you how to set up and perform the most common backs you will encounter.

IRL Backing Videos

Watch me set up and perform easy and difficult backing maneuvers from start to finish using the same exact techniques I teach in the backing guides.

When you become a member, you receive a lifetime membership for a one time payment of $10. No recurring transactions.

You will be able to contact me anytime at my personal email if you have any questions or need extra help nailing a certain back.

Q: What is ‘Learn 2 Back’ and how does it work?
‘Learn 2 Back’ is my guide that teaches anyone how to back a semi truck and trailer. You become a member and have access to all of the videos showing you how to perform every backing technique taught from a professional driver.
Q: Who is this membership for? Can beginners benefit from it?

This membership is for anyone who is a current truck driver, future truck driver or American Truck Simulator players looking to perfect their backing techniques. The techniques taught are useful to everyone whether you are just starting or have been driving for years.
Q: What makes ‘Learn 2 Back’ different from other truck backing tutorials?

I used the game American Truck Simulator to show my setup, backs, tips, tricks and how to fix mistakes. I am in cab showing and telling you what I am looking at so you will be able to understand what to do and what not to do.
Q: What techniques will I learn in this course?

You will learn how to setup and execute every back you may encounter in real life. Straight, 45s, 90s, parallel park, offset and blindside backs.
Q: How does training in American Truck Simulator apply to real-life truck driving?

As a truck driver, I can confirm playing the game American Truck Simulator is very realistic to actual truck driving, besides all of the bumps you feel IRL. It is a great way to practice and perfect your backing which translates to real life.
Q: Is the membership really a one-time fee? Are there any hidden costs?

Once you become a member for $10, that’s it. There are no monthly fees and you will have the content for life if you need to come back and get a refresher or see any new content.
Q: How long do I have access to the guide/membership?

Q: Can I apply these techniques to different types of trucks and trailers?

Absolutely! After watching the 90 video, you should be able to back any type of trailer (other than doubles/triples) anywhere. You learn the techniques to use which translates to every trailer.
Q: What kind of support can I expect if I have questions during the guide?

You will have a couple of different ways to get in touch with me and/or the community.
Q: Is there a community or forum for members to share tips and experiences?

Q: Are there any real-life backing videos included?

Yes, I have uploaded 3 real life backing videos as of right now with plenty more to come.
Q: How can I access the guide after I purchase the membership?

You will receive access to the pages that are only included in the membership.
Q: Is prior experience in truck driving or simulators required to start the course?

No. However, this guide will help those who are brand new or those who have been driving for a while. If you’re interested in trying American Truck Simulator, you can view my full getting started with ATS guide.
Q: Are there any language options or subtitles available in the videos?

There is a transcript of every video I am explaining. I have a very thick country accent and can be hard to understand. You will be able to view the full video transcript if needed.